Requirements to finished designs

Finished design is a file containing graphics representation of the printed product not requiring any additional pre-processing and submitted for printing as it is.

Finished designs cannot be saved in the formats not supporting RGB and pre-press-related features (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and so on).

The following graphics formats suits best for the finished designs: Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw.

Specification for finished designs:

File format



300-600 dpi for all products


Trim size + 1/8 inch bleed

Trim area

Should not contain any objects which are not supposed to be printed on the product (marks, cut marks, comments, etc.).

Image format options

The finished design should be saved with the «uncompressed» option if it is supported by the image format. All layers should be flattened.

Color profile


Minimal font size


Rich black

C80 M60 Y60 K100

File size

Maximum file size for upload is 100Mb.
Bleed area
Safe area This is the area which the background color/graphics should cover if it is printed to the edge of the product.
Trim area

Bleed area

This is the area the background color/graphics should cover if they are to be printed to the final edge of the product.

Trim area

This is where final cut will be made to make your product the final size. That's why we have the bleed area - to make sure your background comes right to the edge.