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Personalised Photo Collage Poster

Our photo collage posters are a pretty big on choices. With many sizes to pick between and two finishes, there's so much more you can do to make it as unique as your memories. Customise your multiple photo collage poster down its orientation, layout, background colours and text options — the possibilites are endless, so let your imagination run wild with colours and words.

Add a few or add them all — there's room for all your favourite photographs when you create your own collage poster. There's 4 photo collage prints, 6 photo collage prints... Let your imagination run wild and show off all your best snaps at the same time — so yes, you can put that gorgeous ceremony shot next to the beautiful bride putting cake in the groom's face! So you've created your personalised collage poster print, but now what? Collage posters don’t need anything more to be a lively addition to any room — the hard work has already been done! All you need now is a good photo frame for a wall collage that stands out from the rest.

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