What does the order status mean?

"New" — your order has been received and is in process.
"Awaiting payment" — the order is awaiting payment.
"Design review" — your order is being reviewed in the prepress department.
"Design in process" — your order has been submitted to a designer who will offer several possible designs for you to choose from.
"Awaiting response from client" — the designer or prepress department has left feedback in the correspondence section that requires your response in order to proceed with your order.
"Printing" — your order has been sent to print.
"Post-press processing" — your order has been printed and is undergoing post-processing.
"Complete" — your order has been packaged and is ready to be shipped.
"Shipped" — your order has been shipped. If it has been assigned a tracking number you can track its progress.
"Delivered" — you or your representatives have received your order.

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