Online Digital Photo Printing With Ease

You can order multiple photos with different sizes in one go. Make your digital photos into cool memories. With PrintBucket you can order & print digital photos online & get delivered anywhere in India that will be cherished for years to come. You will in no time have great prints to smile at. We use high quality paper to print your pictures with the choice of gloss or matte surface. The print sizes available are PC, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 8x10, 8x12, 10x12, 10x15. The pictures are professionally enhanced for more lively and vivid colours.


Glossy paper

Matte paper

3.5x5 (PC) in. Rs. 3.50 Rs. 4.0
4x6 in. Rs. 4.50 Rs. 5.0
5x5 in.
(For Instagram)
Rs. 7.50 Rs. 8.50
5x7 in. Rs. 7.50 Rs. 8.50
6x6 in.
(For Instagram)
Rs. 10 Rs. 10
6x8 in. Rs. 15 Rs. 15
8x8 in.
(For Instagram)
Rs. 30 --
8x10 in. Rs. 40 Rs. 40
8x12 in. Rs. 45 --
10x10 in.
(For Instagram)
-- Rs. 60
10x12 in. -- Rs. 75
10x15 in. Rs. 150

Matte Finish. No Borders. Before uploading make sure that the backround of the picture is white with no shadows on the face. If wearing spectacles then make sure it should be without any glare. Both the ears should be visible. For females, the ears should not be covered with hair. Its recommended that females should tie hair at the back of their head.





Passport Size Pictures 35×45 mm 4 pcs. 8 pcs. 32 pcs. Rs 18.00 Rs 35.00 Rs 90.00
Stamp Size Pictures 25×35 mm 15 pcs. Rs 35.00
Visa Pictures 35×45 mm 8 pcs. Rs 70.00
US Visa Pictures 50×50 mm 4 pcs. Rs 50.00

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